Rehabilitators for Wildlife in Northern Virginia (ReWild NoVa)

A non-profit dedicated to helping native Virginia wildlife get back on their feet

We are owned and operated by Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (VDWR) licensed rehabilitators.  Our time, energy, and resources are focused on helping sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife in need.

Our focus is the day-to-day treatment and care of sick, injured or orphaned wild animals so that they can be released back to their natural habitats.

Who We Are

ReWild NoVa is a cooperative of independent rehabilitators and volunteers.​​

We are a group of like-minded individuals who want a simple and supportive network which enables knowledge sharing and experiential learning.  We believe in science-based approaches as well as the value of environmental enrichment for wildlife.

Each of our participating rehabilitators manage their individual at-home practice of care while leveraging ReWild NoVa for shared nonprofit infrastructure and administration services, such as intake paperwork, donation collections, and a community presence.

How We Operate

Wildlife rehabilitators work with the public, county animal control, veterinarian practices, and local businesses to provide advice and assist with wildlife-related issues. Please note the following important aspects of how we run our ReWlld NoVa non-profit.

A Helpline, Not a Hotline

We gladly offer advice but please be patient with our responsiveness as we juggle work, life, animal care, and other calls.

Only Native Wildlife Needing Help

We cannot take exotics, pets, or farm animals.

We Cannot Pick up Wildlife

Animals must be brought to our in-home facilities.

First Try to Reunite Orphans

We strive to avoid kidnapping if we can and will not support relocation of nuisance wildlife.

Rehabilitation Takes Time

Please be mindful that rehabilitators work for free and do not have unlimited resources to assist. Be aware that you are asking a rehabilitator to spend weeks, often months, to treat and care for the lives you’ve saved.

How to Reach Us

Laura Schultz, PhD

Haymarket, VA
571-248-1433 (Text preferred)
9am – 9pm

Chipmunks, wild rabbits, flying squirrels, squirrels, mice, voles, moles, shrews, opossums, bats, groundhogs, skunks

Clare Thorp, PhD

Fairfax Station, VA
703-679-8823 (Text preferred)
9am – 6pm

Squirrels, wild rabbits, opossums

If we do not accept the animal you’re dealing with or you wish to find a rehabilitator closer to your location, check out the VDWR registered rehabilitator listings.